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University Translation and Continuing Professional Development Center

 In terms of translation services, the Translation and Continuing Professional Development Center is responsible for:

centralizing the translation of all institutional reports and documents required by the authorities or the directors of our university services.

We aim to reflect the quality and excellence of the University through a considerable number of institutional documents published in foreign languages.

In terms of continuing professional development, the Translation Center is responsible for:

offering regular courses, workshops and seminars for professional translators who need to continually update their skills and knowledge in order to provide quality translation and interpreting services.

Translators and interpreters work in a wide range of specialist areas and require specialist course-based and seminar-based programs with a very specific focus on market needs. These programs ensure they can adapt to these needs and stand them in good stead for meeting labor market demands.



Prof. Dr. Nadia Rodriguez

Prof. Dr. Bettina Schnell

Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences
Translation Department
C/ Universidad Comillas, 3 - 28049 Madrid
Telf: (+34) 91.734.39.50