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Campus Cantoblanco


Exchange students: Enrollment takes place with Patricia Vázquez in office 102 on the Cantoblanco Campus, following the informative meeting for exchange students at the beginning of the term.

Other candidates: They will request the admission form from the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences (Cantoblanco Campus).

They will be interviewed by the Director of the Diploma. Once accepted, the candidate will have to formalize enrollment at the Registrar's Office of the University (Alberto Aguilera,23).


Exchange students are exempt from paying tuition fees.


Dean's Office of the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences.


Patricia Vázquez Rodríguez
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Tel. +34 915406127)


María Pilar Martínez Díaz

Overview and objectives

The Diploma inInternational Relations from a Spanish Perspective, taught by the Faculty of Human and Social Sciences and issued by Comillas Pontifical University, aims to offer training in International Relations from a European perspective and, in particular, from a Spanish viewpoint. As such, it becomes of special interest for international students who come to Comillas to study International Relations or in similar fields, in the framework of exchange agreements or as outstanding students. Students who wish to study this Diploma will learn to know and recognize that International Relations are a multifaceted reality whose interpretation depends on the perspective of the agent/analyst. Spain is perceived internationally as an increasingly relevant player with a prominent role in the development of a common foreign European policy. Studying events and developments which occur on the global stage in political, economic, social, legal and cultural aspects from a purely Spanish perspective, undoubtedly implies an added value for the training of students who come from other European countries and, especially, from America, Asia and Australia,

Alongside the training objective, the Diploma serves as a framework for teaching subjects with certain features and content that are not planned in the curricula of our Bachelor's Degrees but whose offer answers requests expressed by mainly North American universities, with which has just begun a collaboration of exchange students for the Double Degree in International Relations and Translation and Interpreting. They are subjects related to History, the political system and current political, economic and social affairs both in a Spanish and European context, taught in English.

Content and structure

The Diploma consists of 20 ECTS. It lasts between a minimum of one term and a maximum of one academic year. The enrolled student adapts the curriculum to meet their particular needs and interests, based on their previous studies, the specialism of their current studies and the guidelines received from their home university. For this, they choose subjects from the general range offered on the Diploma that together add up to at least 20 ECTS. If they do not pass at least 20 ECTS, they will not be awarded the Diploma but may request to be issued with a certificate of attendance.

The particular subjects of the Diploma are taught in English.

The Diploma is regarded as a parallel or additional offer to that received by exchange students or outstanding students in the regular framework of the exchange programs managed by the International Relations Service and the Faculties. An exchange student at Comillas may simultaneously enroll on this Diploma while studying subjects in the capacity as an exchange student. The enrollment period closes at the same time as the general enrollment period for exchange students.